Nearly 15 years ago, my future husband and I planned a wedding that didn’t happen. The night before the event, due to circumstances beyond our control, our wedding was canceled. It sounds like a nightmare, and it was. It was too late to stop delivery of cake and flowers; decorations that had been put up had to be taken down.

I was lucky to have family and friends to help undo the things they had just helped us to do. I wouldn’t wish this sadness on anyone, and maybe this is why I enjoy working for (and with) brides so much: I can do some things just right for them, and it’s a delight to do so. Maybe it’s also therapeutic. All I know is, it’s simply a pleasure.

It’s been so many years and I have such a happy marriage that I can laugh about it (well, sort of), and now I find I enjoy wedding disaster stories almost as much as the scenarios of nuptial perfection. I don’t consider this schadenfreude; it’s not that I enjoy others’ misfortune, I just like to commiserate! Whenever talk shows have wedding horror stories, I find myself comparing the couples’ complaints to my own story. Rainy wedding day? I have that beat. Disruptive groomsmen? Um, did you get to say, “I do?” I didn’t! Disagreements at the rehearsal? Ah, I know how you feel!!

If you find these stories as entertaining as I do, you’ll love these wedding disasters. I’ll admit that these are mostly much worse than mine! If you’re planning a wedding, I wish you smooth sailing–and a sense of humor to get you over any rough spots! Happy planning!