Last year, like so many millions of other tween (teen? thirty-something? middle-aged?!) girls, my daughter discovered Twilight. Since I didn’t know exactly what it was she was reading, I also “discovered” Twilight. And then my husband did, too. We liked the books, though not quite as much as my daughter did!

When I was planning my holiday products for this weekend’s craft fair, choosing fragrances and putting together gift sets, a set of Bella and Edward-inspired fragrances caught my eye. Actually, my daughter saw them and insisted that we order them. And we liked them so much, we had to make some Bella and Edward gifts for the fair.

The Bella fragrance is a floral blend of lavender and freesia (as her scent is described in the books). It’s a fresh scent, a soft musk with additional notes of rose, violet, and iris. This fragrance is available in several gifts and stocking stuffers, including a set of purse-sized lotions (along with an Edward lotion), a bath gel and lotion set, and a Dolly bag gift set with hand cream and purse potion perfume. Our purse potions are dry perfumes that leave a hint of scent and a dusting of glitter (sort of like a vampire in the sun–sparkly!!).

Edward’s fragrance is “honey, lilacs, and sunshine.” The addition of vanilla, grapefruit, heliotrope and dry wood creates a sporty, clean scent that is suitable for men but enjoyed by women, as well. (My daughter prefers this to the Bella fragrance.) Edward is available with the Bella fragrance in the sampler lotion set mentioned above, and also in the lotion and bath gel stocking stuffer set.

Our Bella and Edward gifts are only available while supplies last, so order soon!