The word this week is share. Here are a few things I love.

1. girlsavage feltidermy. Heads on walls are big here in Maine. I’ve been a vegetarian for over 25 years and I admit, they creep me out a little. I always figured that the right kind of taxidermy for a vegetarian would be a stuffed TOY animal on the wall. When I saw girlsavage’s Etsy shop, I fell in love. I follow her on Twitter and check out her shop frequently. I’m hoping to add one of her pieces to the wall of my new office!

2. Cupcakes. This blog is awesome. The cupcake ideas here are just incredible. I love seeing all of the creative things people come up with.

3. chewlry’s jewelry. Especially this bracelet–I love the colors. Oh, and this charm bracelet. You can follow her on Twitter, too.

4. Dandy Lion Press. The letterpress cards, particular the Sea Creatures, are just exquisite. Lots of bunnies here, too, and jackalopes.

Where do you like to shop for gifts (or for yourself)? Do you like handmade things? Please share some of your favorites!