Regardless of where you are geographically, the hardest place to live is in the present. It’s the only place that we truly spend time, but we’re trying so hard to save time that we fill it up with looking back (to see how time was wasted) or planning forward (so we can keep more for ourselves).
This is one of my favorite places in the summertime. I plant flowers and veggies and herbs all over my deck, and then I sit out there as often as I can. Sometimes I have a book with me, sometimes my laptop (gotta multitask, right?). But my favorite time is when I can “steal” a minute to just be. The nasturtiums are a favorite for hummingbirds, who come to take a taste almost every day. Some days I pick a few mint leaves for my lemonade, and other days I can’t sit still, but feel the need to deadhead and weed, water and prune. I still manage to leave this little space feeling content and ready for what’s next.

I think the secret is that when I’m in my garden, I’m really present, really experiencing every moment as it comes. The interesting thing is that when I can do that, when I can be mindful and present, time seems to slow down. There’s no need to save it, or steal it, or borrow against tomorrow. Just being here, right now, makes the moment last.

What about you? Do you find that it’s easier to be “present” when you’re doing certain things, or you’re in a particular place? Does time seem to slow for you, too?