I had planned to announce my official moving date today because we’re getting so close to finishing. There are only a few things left to be done in the renovated space, but I’m not completely sure about the timing. So rather than being official, I’m going to guess and then change if necessary.

Here’s how I imagine this working: I’m moving across my driveway, which at first seemed like an insanely easy move. And it is, but I realized over the weekend that I still need to pack my smallish lab/office and 4+ closets full of supplies, move big desks and lab benches, then unpack and organize the new lab and office. So the plan was to close down on Friday of this week (Oct. 1) and reopen on October 12. That should give us enough time. I hope. (Of course that will all depend on the other players, so I may be changing these dates.)

During the time we’re closed, I’ll still accept orders at the site, and I’ll still be responding to phone inquiries during (limited) office hours. Any orders placed during that time will begin shipping on the 12th, so if you are planning for a mid- or late-October event, please let me know right away.

I have held off on showing more pictures just because I want you to see it finished (though you can see the outside in last week’s Wordless Wednesday). I can hardly believe we’re at the end. It’s a beautiful office. And I can admit this now: I’m really, REALLY excited about it! It is going to change my work life so much, but this space also gives us back our home. It’s been a long process, and not without its stresses, but the end result is all good.

I’ll let you know if these closing/reopening dates change, but this is The Plan for now. Thanks so much for putting up with my talk about this renovation. And thank you for showing interest and asking me about it! Can’t wait to give you the Grand Tour!