This is the top of a receipt I was given by my town office recently. It says, “Have a great day everyday.” They were extremely helpful and courteous at the town office, and if everyone had that positive attitude–and left you with such a happy sentiment–it would be hard NOT to have a great day, everyday.

But I’ve been reading everywhere how miserable people are being to each other this holiday season. At stores people are shoving each other out of the way to get the last bargain item. They’re mouthing off to clerks who don’t offer them the product they want or the service they think they deserve. They’re cutting each other off in parking lots, honking at each other and swearing at pedestrians.

I would bet that in many households, the opposite behavior is being observed in children. Even naturally obstinate kids comply with their parents’ requests this time of year. The mouthy are sweet, the messy clean up their acts, the bratty are watching their step. What’s the difference? Three little words: Santa. Is. Watching.

What a shame that adults don’t believe in Santa Claus! I know, many of us still do believe in an unseen being who watches us and judges our behavior. What a shame that doesn’t keep adults in line the way it does our children! And I wonder why it isn’t enough to know that other people are watching—friends, family, kids, and complete strangers are taking note? I know the word of the week is “great” but maybe we should start with Santa’s recommendation: Be good.

When my kids aren’t getting along, my reminder to them is to “be good to each other.” So that’s been my thought as I go out into this pre-holiday madness: be good to each other. If we could be good to each other, we’d all be much more likely to have a great day (everyday).

Hope you are all enjoying the holiday season!