I realized I’ve been posting lots of obscure words, because I find them interesting and it’s fun to share them. But I find that I’m particularly fond of this week’s word, and it’s so simple that it’s often used without true appreciation.

Glad. This week’s word is glad.

It’s a simple word, a Middle English word about 1,000 years old, from the Old English glæd, which meant “bright, shining, joyous.” With Proto-Indo-European roots back even further, to words that meant “to shine, glitter, glow, be warm,” people have used some version of this word to describe happiness and joy for a long time. It’s the word you use to express your contentment with old friends: I’m glad you’re here. It’s the word you use to say how happy you are with someone’s response: I’m glad you liked dinner! It’s also the word you use to show your willingness: I’m glad to help.

It’s a happy word for a Monday. I’m glad you took the time to read today–please say hi in the comments below!