Part of what I like about my job is that I get to experiment with different products. I can play around with designs, flavors, and fragrances to make something new. Some of these experiments are eventually added to our store along with our standard products, while some are complete failures and end up in the trash!

Sometimes a friend or customer will make a special request for a fragrance or flavor, and I’ll make it just for them. I’ve made Singapore Sling lip balm, as well as Midori sour, Captain & Coke, and even Long Island iced tea balms. I like trying out recipes for balms even when I don’t have special requests, and now I have a new shop to share the most successful “experiments”!

Our Facebook Shop will offer exclusives: flavors (and eventually fragrances) that aren’t available anywhere else. (Right now we have Lollipop, June Bug, Pomegranate Martini, and Bellini balms available.) We’ll also be adding some of our other popular products from our website. You can shop there even if you aren’t a fan of our page, but fans get 10% off! Another plus: shipping for small packages is via First class mail, so orders of a lip balm or two don’t have a huge shipping expense.

What do you think? Do you like the idea of an exclusive shop? What flavors or fragrances would YOU request? Please share your thoughts!