I’ve been writing about our big renovation project almost all year. From the moment I chose my three words, the plan for a bigger work space has never been far from my mind—or from my blog. The words Hope and Build and even YES have provided updates of our progress. We started demolition on June 14, and the project was the focus of our summer (and a good part of this fall, too; check out yesterday’s slide show if you’d like to see how far we’ve come!). I am pleased that this week my word is Done. We’ve finished enough of our new space to feel comfortable inviting you in. Please take our brief tour (didn’t my husband do a great job on the video?) and let us know what you think!

We’re hoping to have an Open House early in December, so keep watching here for details. Thank you for your interest and words of encouragement in the past few months. They have meant so much!