I won’t say that you need wine on Thanksgiving, because I don’t know your family. I’m sure they’re perfectly lovely people and spending a day or two (or a holiday weekend) with them is a complete pleasure from beginning to end.

What I am saying is that wine might make that day or two (or weekend) even more pleasant. The right wine could even make it the most memorable holiday in family history. (No guarantees, but it’s possible.)

Because I want all of us to have amazing, memorable holidays, I’ve spent the past few weeks asking my friends online: what’s your favorite wine to serve on Thanksgiving, and why? Here are 5 wines to serve on Thanksgiving:

favorite thanksgiving wine


Sarah Walker from Essential8 says, “I love serving red wines at Thanksgiving. This year, I’ll be serving a new favorite. I stumbled on a Michel Gassier Cabernet earlier this year. It is smooth, warm and inexpensive!” You can follow Essential8 on Instagram.

My friend Amy Watson Saxton’s choice is Prosecco, because it’s light, crisp and it sparkles up the day.” Try this Zardetto Prosecco for floral notes and hints of fruit.

Donna Maria Coles Johnson, founder and CEO of Indie Business Network, has her own favorite. Moscato for EVERYthing. Makes it easy and delicious every time.” Try the Barefoot or Blossom Hill Moscato for crisp, fruity flavors. Learn more about the Indie Business Network on Facebook.

Auraglass–creators of unique, lead-free glassware hand blown in Vermont–shared their choice: “Our favorite is California Cab 337 – ripe black berry flavors and peppery tinge goes so well with roasted turkey. To bring out the aromas give it 3-4 spins in your auraglass!” Follow auraglass on Instagram.

Dr. Cindy Jones, founder and formulator at Sagescript Institute and Colorado Aromatics, recommends Pinot Noir for Thanksgiving. “It’s a light red so doesn’t overpower any of the food,” she says. Learn more about Colorado Aromatics and Sagescript Institute on Facebook.

Bonus: Our family Thanksgiving table usually features a local wine (or two). Red wines like the award-winning Blueberry Oak Dry from Bartlett Maine Estate Winery are made from 100% Maine blueberries. Fruity and dry, they’re a great match for a turkey dinner. Consider bringing some local flavor to your own table this Thanksgiving by selecting wines from a nearby winery.

Thank you to my friends for sharing their favorites!

What’s YOUR favorite wine to share on Thanksgiving? Please add your choice to the comments below!