Well, it finally happened.
After nine years of making bachelorette party favors, someone asked me to make a favor design featuring male anatomy.
I’m a little surprised it didn’t happen before now. If you’ve thrown a bachelorette party (or attended one), you know that much of the popular decor, accessories, and favors include phallic designs. From lollipops to cakes, chocolates, drinking straws, and even pasta, naughty is the norm for bachelorette parties.
In fact, it’s so common that you’re probably wondering why I don’t do more of them. Sure, I have done favors like these, with risqué wording:
While most bachelorette favors feature male anatomy, most of ours don't. Here's why we make mostly clean bachelorette favors.
Bachelorette Favors | Label Design #221

Why clean bachelorette favors?

I’ve created other favors with raunchy sayings. But why do I advertise and create mostly clean bachelorette favors?
A few years ago I went to a bridal shower that felt more like a bachelorette party. Mixed in with the traditional games were a few that were…well, lewd. While I often have a vulgar sense of humor, I could tell that some of the grandmothers present were very uncomfortable, and that made me feel awkward, too. While most bachelorette parties don’t include grandmothers, I figured there had to be other groups who might not appreciate having genitalia designs on everything. I discovered that many of you agree.
“I have to say it was nice finding a place to get favors that did not include the male genitalia anywhere for my friend’s bachelorette party,” customer V. Raval shared. “The Bride is really happy I found your site as well. When you are in your 30’s you want something a little more classy.”
Leslie H., a customer from Tennessee, also appreciated having the option: “Thanks for offering something that’s not crass and embarrassing for a bachelorette party!!” Leslie said.
When your guests (or the bride) are a little older, or come from different cultures or religious traditions, it might not be appropriate to share naughty novelties. Since most bachelorette shops are offering adult-themed items, it can be harder to find bachelorette favors and gifts personalized for the tame themes, which is why I love offering those options.
Sheila L. from New York shared what she liked best about the “clean” favors she ordered: “I just received my shipment of bachelorette favor lip balms and I have to say they are more beautiful than I ever could have imagined…I really and truly appreciate the time you took to personalize your patterns to the bride’s colors.”

Naughty or nice

Sometimes it’s about personalizing to the bride’s theme colors, and sometimes it’s about the naughty designs. To us, it’s always about options, so meet our newest design (I’ve been calling them Phun Phallus Phavors):
“To Have and To Hold” | Phun Phallus Bachelorette Favors
Label design #366, matching tag #1382 (tag pictured is #1035 on hot pink)
Well, what did you expect? This is a family site! (If you’re interested, I promise we’ll send you the uncensored version for your approval.)
What do you think? Do you prefer the tame, classy bachelorette favor, or the naughty novelty? Or a combination of naughty and nice? What’s your favorite bachelorette party theme?