You know how sometimes you’re chatting about a project with someone and everything just clicks? They’re psyched about it, you can’t wait to start, and both of you just know it’s gonna be amazing? I LOVE that. It happens here sometimes and it’s awesome.

Then there are those times when you realize they’re looking for something else, something kinda like what you do but sorta not. I used to try to make those projects work because it felt awkward not to. Turning down those jobs felt like letting people down, and I really didn’t want to do that.

But shouldn’t every project feel amazing and exciting? I realized that if I could refer customers to the right people for the projects that weren’t right for me, they might click with someone else. And that would be pretty awesome, too.

So today I’m sharing some resources that will come in handy if you’ve decided (or I’ve decided) or we’ve both decided that I don’t have exactly what you’re looking for. Those of you looking for DIY lip balm or deep discounts, this is especially for you! (I’m definitely hoping you’ll stay in touch, though, because you never know when I might be able to help and I’d love to work with you someday!)

DIY bulk discount lip balm

DIY Lip Balm

I love preparing your lip balm favors to your specifications right to the very last detail. But what if you want to make your own lip balms as an activity at a kids’ party or a girls’ night? What you really need is a kit with all of the ingredients and containers that you’ll need. And that’s not something that I do. But these folks do:

  • Handcrafted Honey Bee offers DIY skin care kits for lots of products—including lip balms—in different sizes to fit your guest list.
  • From Nature With Love also offers kits to make products like this Jelly Bean lip balm.
  • Brambleberry also has a kit for making your own lip balm at home.

Check with each of these suppliers for the details about their kit contents and ingredients.

DIY Lip Balm Labels

I have an archive of designs and I’m happy to design custom labels and tags for your event, too. I can even add your logo to a label or tag if you’d like to make a promotional gift. But what if you’d like to design your lip balm labels and print them at home to create your own packaging? Bulk Apothecary can help. They provide unlabeled lip balms in a handful of different flavors. You can even buy the labels for your home printer directly from them. Then create your designs, print yourself, and label for your event.

You can also find blank lip balm labels at Online Labels, Inc. and Rustic Escentuals. They’re available in different types of material appropriate for laser printers or ink jet printers.

Bulk Discount Lip Balm

We make lip balms in small batches so we can offer dozens of flavors (even custom flavors), but our small batches don’t allow for the deep discounts that you’ll find with some retailers. While we do offer coupons regularly through our mailing list, you may be looking for a large quantity of lip balms, or maybe your project requires pricing that we simply can’t match.

I recommend a Google search for “discount lip balm” or “bulk lip balm favors” to find tons of options for discount lip balm favors. Some of these suppliers will provide the parts for you to assemble, so make sure you read the fine print to understand what’s included. Please note that we’re not recommending lip balm from any specific supplier; you’ll want to read the testimonials and product reviews carefully before ordering to make sure their products will meet your needs.

I know it probably seems crazy to send you to other websites, but I realize that our favors aren’t for everyone, and that’s OK. If our party favors won’t work for your event this time, I’d still like to help you find exactly what you need. Please let me know if there’s anything I can help you with.