Last week we shared some ideas for a Bridal Emergency Kit, and put together a starter kit with a few of the essentials. Yesterday we gave away that kit to comment #4 (congratulations, Tiffany!). Thank you so much for participating!

We felt that there were 14 must-have items, including the cosmetic bag to carry them in! These items were:

1. stain remover

2. bandaids
3. nail clippers, nail file, tweezers, and other mani-pedi items
4. safety pins
5. mints
6. hand cream
7. clear nail polish (for runs in nylons)
8. lip balm
9. cosmetic bag (created by Dungaree Dolly’s)
10. comb
11. facial tissue
12. dental floss
13. super glue (for repairing heels, nails, etc.)
14. chocolate!

We asked you to share your own suggestions, and we love what you came up with! Here are some other items that could be added to a Bridal Emergency Kit:

15. bobby pins (suggested by Christina, Ashley, Carolina, Monica, and Rachel…great minds think alike!)
16. aspirin or other painkiller (suggested by Rachel, Ashley, Mihaela, and Carolina)
17. hair spray (the winning suggestion by Tiffany)
18. travel deodorant (suggested by Carolina)
19. mini toothbrush (suggested by sweetsue and Monica)
20. sample-size perfume (suggested by Monica)
21. a small mirror (suggested by Rachel)
22. oil blotting sheets (suggested by Tory)
23. nail glue (suggested by Karrie)
24. tea to relax with (suggested by Susan)

Here are my absolute favorite suggestions:

From sweetsue: “Maybe some valium too lol.” (Let’s not remake Sixteen Candles, though…remember Sam’s sister and the muscle relaxants?)
How about Tory’s comment: “Or some duct tape…you never know!” It’s so true!
But vcrissien’s advice is the best: “A sister, mother, or good friend by her side at all times!” Nothing better to get through any wedding day emergency!
Thank you all so much for your great advice! And to those of you preparing to walk down the aisle in the coming months, best wishes for an emergency-free day!