what is tulleIf you’ve seen a kid’s tutu or you’ve read about recent fashion trends, you probably already know what tulle is.

But if you’re puzzled when I ask you to choose your “tulle color”or when I talk about our tulle bowsplease keep reading to learn more about this popular material.

1. What is tulle?

Dictionary.com says that tulle is “a thin, fine, machine-made net of acetate, nylon, rayon, or silk.” Tulle looks like very fine netting, sheer and see-through. The tulle we use is made of nylon.

2. How do you say it?

No fancy pronunciation necessary…it sounds just like “tool.”

3. Where does tulle come from?

The name “tulle” comes from Tulle, France, which was a center for lace-making way back in the 1600s. The machine-made tulle (or bobbinet tulle) that we’re familiar with today came from the UK, where John Heathcoat created a machine in the early 1800s to duplicate the complicated handwork of lace makers. They still make tulle in the UK using similar machines, but it’s also made in China and North America. Most of our tulle colors are made in the U.S.

what is tulle

4. Who uses tulle?

Wedding dresses and veils as well as decorations are some of the most popular applications for tulle. It’s also used in the ballet, for theater costumes, and more recently for whimsical and adorable children’s clothing. It has practical, non-decorative applications too: use it in the garden or yard to protect plants (or yourself) from insects.

5. Why do you use tulle instead of other ribbons?

We use tulle for lots of reasons: it’s reasonably priced, comes in lots of colors, makes substantial, dramatic bows, and holds its shape without wrinkling (which is important for shipping).

Tulle is a perfect fit for wedding-related events, since we use it so frequently for wedding fashion and decor. Its use in ballet and theater costumes makes it ideal for certain kids’ party favors, too (think perfectly girly favors that look like tutus or princess dresses!).


6. How many tulle colors do you have?


We currently offer 45 colors, including two metallic shimmer shades.

7. Do you offer anything other than tulle?

Yes! If tulle is not appropriate for your favor design or event, we do have several other types of ribbons or trimmings, including satin, gingham, polka dot grosgrain, and organza. Talk with us if you’d like a custom embellishment.


Ballet Party favors with tulle bows

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