Last spring I put together these lip balm favors for a baby shower. About half of the invited guests were boys and men, so the planners asked, “What about the guys? Do men like lip balm? What about favors for the guys?”

This is such a common question, and this is what I tell everyone: Guys do like lip balm. Some guys, anyway. But everyone (everyone) EVERYONE likes chocolate. So when in doubt, we recommend favors with candies.

If you want us to do it for you and include it with your order, just ask! If you want us to send you extra tags, bags, and bows so you can choose your own candies (something we’ll usually recommend in the summer months, anyway, since chocolate doesn’t ship well in hot weather), just ask! We’ll provide price quotes for any of these options, so just talk with us.

If you’re wondering whether it will work to have some favors that are candy and some that are balms, here’s a picture of the chocolate favors we made (see at right). You can display these in separate containers (baskets, decorative boxes, bowls, etc.) from each other, or combine them, but with the same bows and tags they all go together.

Believe it or not, there are some women and girls who’d choose chocolate over lip balm (I know, it’s shocking), so having a choice in large groups often works well even if there won’t be any guys there. I also like the idea of adding chocolates to the lip balm favor bags because chocolate is an important food group and we need to make sure we get the proper number of servings every day. I’m only sort of kidding.

So if you’re ordering balms as part of a larger favor—or you have something else for the guys—we’re happy to prepare extra tags for you along with your balms. Talk with us for a custom quote. We love hearing about your events!