Out of all the fish in the sea, she’s finally found The One. She’s really hooked on him, and everyone agrees that he’s a great catch. They’re almost ready to tie the knot—but first, it’s time to celebrate.
Here’s how to throw a perfect What a Catch Bridal Shower!

Taking the Plunge

Dive in and create a fishy undersea backdrop with bubbles and nets. You’ll need blue or white water balloons, thin dowels (I used 3/16″), and white tulle (a roll of 6″ width works well). Find these items at your local craft or dollar store. 

Use different lengths of dowels to create bubbles at different heights, and wrap tulle between the bubbles on the dowels to create a swag of netting to hold your “fish” (more about those later!). Floral foam tucked into blue pots works well to support the bubbles; cover the tops of the pots with tissue paper or blue paper shreds.
Blow up balloons and tie off, then make a hole and push dowel through
the rubbery end of the balloon. Slide balloon down the dowel
and add more balloons until you have the desired look.
Twist tulle around dowel between balloons

Into the Drink (or, Dip)

Jazz up the veggie platter with this party’s signature red fish. Use a fish-shaped cookie cutter on red bell peppers to add a few finned friends to the celery and carrot stick “fishing rods.”
We set up our serving platters on blue chevron place mats centered on bright red paper; click here to download a printable chevron page to use under plates or serving dishes at your party.

Cupcakes Take the Cake!

It’s not a party without cake, am I right? Serve cupcakes topped with our printable cupcake toppers to express the sentiments of the day. Share oceans of love with your guests…or say “I’m hooked on you.” Download the cupcake topper printable and print on card stock, then cut out with punch tool (a 2″ circle works well). We framed each topper with another larger circle in red, but you could use them alone or add blue or another color, too.

Making your own What a Catch bridal shower favors? You can also use these printables for favor tags; simply cut into desired shape and size, punch a hole, and top off with your favorite ribbon!

Fishing for Advice

Remember how we mentioned those fish earlier? Here’s where they come in handy. Your guests are likely to have all kinds of helpful advice for the bride-to-be. Encourage them to share by printing out a school of fish on red paper and placing on the table along with pens. (Here’s the PDF with the fish template—print onto red card stock or paper and cut out.)
You can even use a length of dowel, some twine, and a paper clip to fashion a fishing rod; punch a hole in each fish and have the guests slip their completed advice onto the hook with the other fish. At the end of the party, twist the paper clip closed and present the bride-to-be with a sweet booklet of advice. It’ll be smooth sailing for the new couple with all that shared wisdom to guide them!
what a catch bridal shower advice

Fishy Favors and Fishy Flavors

Are we going overboard? Okay, maybe just a few more red fish. Fill candy dishes with mini Swedish fish® for a sweet treat, or layer blue candies in champagne glasses with “swimming” fish. We love the ombre look with three different colors of candy-coated chocolates.
what a catch bridal shower candies

How about offering personalized Swedish fish®-flavored lip balm favors (like our Fish Lips)? Place one at each setting, or display in a fish bowl on the table.

what a catch bridal shower favors

We’ve added chevron tags (design #1369) with the bride’s and groom’s names and bright red bows, but of course you can choose your own details. Please contact us if you’re interested!

Our printable file contains these three pages you’re free to use for your party (but they’re for personal use only, please don’t sell them!).
What a Catch printable PDF includes fish template, chevron page, and cupcake toppers.
what a catch bridal shower banner
These are just a few ideas for a what a catch bridal shower. We’ll be adding some matching invitations, labels, and banners to our Zazzle store in the next few days, so keep watching here for updates!
Some of these details would work well for an Under the Sea baby shower or kids’ party, too. What do you think? Do you have other ideas for a what a catch bridal shower? Or for planning an undersea party? Please share your thoughts!
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