This is just too special to keep to myself! I know lots of you are looking to put together your own favors, or add embellishment to favors that you purchase. For several years now I’ve been getting all of my product labels at When I say all of them, I mean ALL of them, from lip balm to lotion, sugar scrub to soap. I do a lot of shopping online, and I can honestly say this is one of the best, easiest web sites that I shop at. Their products are arranged by size, material, and category, which makes it SO easy to find the correct label for your project. The ordering process is easy, they ship quickly and at reasonable prices, and products arrive in perfect condition. What’s more, they provide several ways to help you print on the labels, from templates to their online label designer. Could it get any better? Well, actually, yes! It could!

Just recently they added 100% Post Consumer Waste (PCW) recycled labels to their growing list of label materials (love those Green options!). The 92% brightness and non-ooze adhesives mean these labels will perform as perfectly in your print jobs as any of those other labels you’ve been using, without killing any new trees!

Another new page that caught my eye was their special Wedding Favor Labels page. Honestly, I never realized there were so many cool labels for wedding favors! From water bottles to tins, address labels, and candy embellishments, this page has something for every DIY bride. (Check out the cool shapes at the bottom of the page!)

I’m already making my new shopping list. Maybe I’ll order the pink labels this time, too? :0)