Today at noon I selected a winner for the Party Favor Giveaway! Out of the 31 entries, chose number 4, which is the comment below. Tammy Wall-Brodbeck is the winner! Congratulations, Tammy!

I’m really excited to work with Tammy to create favors for one of the birthday parties she has planned! I’ll be posting again soon to share more about Tammy’s favors and show all of you the process that I go through every time someone orders custom party favors.

If you entered and didn’t win the giveaway and you’re still interested in party favors, please contact me for a special coupon just for you. (I can be reached at emily {at} I really appreciate your interest and participation here and would love to work with you, too!

What do you think? Was this a good idea for a giveaway? Would you prefer a giveaway of a different kind of product? Please share your thoughts!