A couple of years ago I got this awesome cookie cutter/press and made “gingerdead men.” I gave them away at Christmas along with an irreverent holiday card (I’ll spare you those details). I posted about them here.
Last year, while I was a little bit (okay, a lot) obsessed with The Walking Dead, I used the same gingerdead cutter/press and took it a step further.

Walking Dead Gingerdead Men

Sadly, I’m the only person in my house who watches The Walking Dead, but if I had a Season 4 premiere party (on October 13! Are you ready?), I would make these Walking Dead gingerdead men cookies. I think they’d also be fun for a Halloween party. Even the traditional gingerdead men would be perfect for Halloween. Chocolate flavored cookies would look even more dramatic.
walking dead gingerdead men

What do you think? Too much gore for a holiday cookie? (But just right for Halloween, right?) What snacks do you like to share at Halloween parties (or awesome zombie program premieres)?

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