Sneak peek…

I’m so excited to share the change that’s happening at my site. In fact, it’s a totally new site!

In a few short days, will be retired (after 10 years!) and you’ll find a new, improved site in its place.

For the past 7 months I’ve been working with some very talented people on this project. I wanted to mark our 10 year anniversary with a big shift, inspired by your thoughts, comments, and questions over the years. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us so we’d know what was really important to you!

• You said you like customized products the best. (Hey, those are my favorites, too!)

• You let me know that it could be simpler to navigate and order at the site. I hear you!

• You said you needed to see examples and options on your phones, tablets, and iPads. Now we’re talking!

• You requested new designs with trendy themes and fonts. You got it!

This new site is easy to navigate, the ordering is simpler, and I dare say, it’s kinda fun! We saved all of your favorite products, flavors, fragrances, and designs, and added some new trendy stuff, too. And the designs (and other options) are bigger and easier to see. Oh, and it looks great on your phone, too.

Now, don’t get nervous. Though our site and name are changing, I promise that we haven’t changed the way we work. We still love to talk with you about your event details, and we’ll still email examples to you so you can approve designs before we make them. Rush service? Yep. Low minimums? Of course. Oh, and we’re still ridiculously enthusiastic about lip balm. (Some things never change.)

I hope that we’ve addressed all the top wishes of our customers, but if you have any questions or concerns with the new site (which we expect to go live next week), please let me know. I’d love to know what you think!

In the meantime, please check out the Clearance items at…only a few items left and the absolute last chance for facial products and cosmetic bag sets.