Every so often at Facebook I invite people to share their favorite business pages (including their own). I love to find out about other businesses that I can “like” (and order from). One of my own favorites is Up on the Roof Farm. I just recently placed my first order with them, and I’m excited to share more about this business and its owner (and her fabulous products)!

Tammy Goughnour, formerly of Maryland, makes beautiful candles and soaps in her new home in Vermont. I ordered some of her candles for a gift; when they arrived, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to part with them! (See the photo above.) The Tropical Delight and Pomegranate/Orange/Vanilla soy candles have delectable fragrances but they aren’t overpowering. They’re beautiful pastel colors, and the apothecary jars are really unique (these are the 5 ounce size). Tammy is also a customer, so I know her a bit from email and Facebook, but I’m so glad that she agreed to answer some of my questions to share with you.

What is your background?
I grew up in rural Maryland and always had a strong passion for gardening and the environment.

When did you first start making candles? How did that come about?
I starting making candles about a year ago. I have always been one to stop and smell the roses—making fragrant gardens—and loved how smells evoke a good mood!

What sets your products apart from other similar products and companies?
My products are a little different in that I painstakingly search for all of the earth-friendly products that I can. I insist on cruelty-free scents and colors. As soon as I found out all the chemicals and soot that paraffin candles release as well as that they are basically a petro-chemical by-product, I knew soy was my choice!!

Where do your ideas come from? Any new products to share?
I am a homeschool mom and this is something we can do together (and we do!) and earn some income. We recently moved to Northern VT after a long process and are elated!! We live overlooking Mt. Washington full of nature and beauty. I am in the process of making a series of New England inspired scents including Maple Creemee, Nantucket Hydrangea and North County Blueberry as well as Chocolate Moose!

Where do you think (or hope!) your company will be in 5 years?
I am still refining my line but starting to settle into my products. I found an awesome supplier for U.S. made jars in 3 sizes with metal lids that are fantastic. I also do votives and a couple specialty shapes! I hope to continue to grow my company and have fun!! I also give back to my favorite VT charities and will continue that.

Can you please let us know where to find you online?
I am at www.upontherooffarm.etsy.com
and www.facebook.com/upontherooffarmvt
I can also be reached at www.upontherooffarmvt @ gmail.com (remove spaces)

Though I wanted to keep them, I was good and gifted the candles. That means I can’t report on the fragrance throw or burn time, but I’ll let you know what the recipient says! The candles were just lovely, and I’m sure I’ll be placing more orders in the future.
(Please note that the items reviewed were purchased and the opinions expressed here are my own. Photos copyright Up on the Roof Farm.)