One special order that I worked on last week was for a Twilight-inspired birthday party. I had made the Twilight lotion and purse potion (fragrance) before for a local craft fair, but hadn’t made a lip balm.

This is my first time making a lip stain…it is a dark blood red color in the tube, but only makes lips a bit redder. We decided to call it “Last Kiss.” The purse potion perfume we called “Edward Forever” (the lotion and perfume have the Edward fragrance, which we previously described as: “honey, lilacs, and sunshine.” The addition of vanilla, grapefruit, heliotrope and dry wood creates a sporty, clean scent that is suitable for men but enjoyed by women, as well.)

The best part of the lotion and fragrance: both contain glitter so the guests will shimmer like vampires! What a fun project! I love doing special requests for theme parties and events. Hope Caitlin has a happy birthday!