If you’re in Atlanta and looking for a beautiful gift idea, consider a visit to the Four Seasons Hotel on 14th Street. Featured in a case in front of the elevators is the work of Deborah E. Goebel, a jewelry designer whose work combines the ancient with the contemporary to create something timeless.

Deborah’s education at the Pratt Institute, her internship at the Met, and travels throughout the U.S. and Europe have inspired her career as a designer and artist. They have also afforded her “a love of history and heritage” which is made tangible in her newest work mixing vintage beads with materials from all over the world.

Her move from Maine to Atlanta several years ago was an opportunity to “turn over a new leaf,” which led to the birth of her new business, Newleaf Designs. Visit Deborah’s site to learn more about her and her gorgeous one-of-a-kind jewelry designs. And take a trip to the Four Seasons in Atlanta to see her work up close. Deborah says that there are “some great styles in all lengths and materials.” Nicole Miller, the Spa Director at the Four Seasons, can answer any of your questions about Deborah’s work.