So you’re planning a wedding. A small, intimate event with lots of handmade details. Maybe even a DIY wedding. But you need some ideas. Maybe some tutorials, too. Where do you go to find inspiration and resources for handmade weddings? We’ve got you covered!

top 3 blogs for handmade weddings

Here are our top 3 blogs for handmade weddings:

Something Turquoise

Do not even attempt to make anything for your own wedding before you check out this blog. Jen at Something Turquoise creates the DIY tutorials herself and there are lots of them. Like, over 250. I love the recent series with details on creating a felt flower bouquet and boutonnieres (it’s amazing). Her tutorials are clear and detailed, and so easy to follow.

Something Turquoise also shares inspiring ideas, real weddings, and tips for brides-to-be. There are even monthly Spotify playlists for workouts, engagement shoots, and wedding planning! (Bonus: Jen loves sharks, Macs, and turquoise, so she must be amazing.)

Offbeat Bride

If you’re a color-outside-the-lines kind of bride, you’ll love Offbeat Bride. Founded by Ariel Meadow Stallings, the author of Offbeat Bride: Creative Alternatives for Independent Brides, Offbeat Bride celebrates “couples who dare to walk off the beaten aisle.” Think steampunk, Star Wars, gamer-themed, and other nontraditional weddings.

Offbeat Bride offers simple, straightforward DIYs, a few quirky or geeky, and all very do-able. Find cocktails, crafts, invites, favor labels, bouquets, and more. There’s plenty of advice and inspiration in their articles and featured weddings sections, too. They also have a fantastic vendor guide for those items you just don’t dare to put together yourself.

Emmaline Bride

I just love Emmaline Bride. Is it wrong to have a favorite? I suppose I’m biased. (Full disclosure: I’m a featured artist in the Emmaline Bride community.)

Founder Emma Arendoski is the author of The Handcrafted Wedding: 340 Fun and Imaginative Handmade Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Day and The Inspired Wedding. In addition to the amazing DIY tutorials and ideas, shares real weddings, theme ideas, and weekly giveaways.

There’s also a handmade-a-day feature, a great way to check out the work of different handmade artists and artisans. Don’t forget to shop the Marketplace for handcrafted pieces on and off Etsy.

Bonus: Pinterest and Etsy

If you’re a crafty bride or appreciate handmade, you surely know about Etsy already. Though it’s technically not a blog, this list feels incomplete without mentioning Etsy—and of course, Pinterest.

Etsy has an incredible community of makers, many who specialize in wedding-related details. And if you’re looking for inspiration or DIY tutorials, Pinterest has a generous supply of both. From photo booth ideas to wedding guest books, rustic to glam, you can find just about any idea you’re looking for.

Are you (or were you) a handmade bride? What are your favorite blogs for inspiration and ideas?