We’ve been gearing up for some changes this year and I’d love to share them with you.

After years of expanding product lines to add new options and sizes and fragrances, I realized at the end of 2013 that only a handful of our products are popular, and almost all of them are personalized. We’ve long offered individual bottles of lotion or bath gel, jars of scrubs or bags of bath salts, but those products are not popular. As our personalized work has increased, space in our studio and lab is at a premium, and storing all of these containers and packaging for unpopular products gets harder to justify.

I receive emails, private messages, even phone calls from customers who are excited about their custom orders. It makes a happy job even happier, and it makes a difficult decision easier. I’d be crazy not to focus more on the products people want, even if that means dropping products that I spent a lot of time creating. 

So starting in March, we’ll be discontinuing some of our products.

• Our lotions and creams sold in individual, 4- and 6-ounce bottles will no longer be available after March 31. (They will still be available in gift sets and favors.)

• Bath salts and bath gels will no longer be available to purchase as single units after April 30. (These will also remain as personalized items.)

Additional products will likely follow. We’ll give reminders before these products disappear (sign up for our newsletter if you’d like to be updated and receive any coupons or discounts).

Our lip balms will always be available for purchase alone or in personalized sets. 

When offering many different products there’s always a risk of spreading yourself too thin. For me, it’s not enough to make products that are just acceptable. I want our gifts and favors to be “just right” every time. I want customers to be excited about what we do.

While I’ve been nervous about announcing this change, I’m also excited. The feedback I’ve gotten so far has been really encouraging, and I’m confident that this will be a good direction for us. If you have any questions or thoughts, I hope you’ll share them here or contact me directly. I truly appreciate your interest!