This seems funny because there’s no such thing as a “right” kind of mistake to make. Or is there?
I make lots of mistakes, all the time, every day, and most of the time I don’t beat myself up about them. I realize that it’s just gonna happen because I’m not perfect, but also that it’s necessary to make them. Making mistakes means I’m trying new things and learning. So if that kind of mistake is “right,” what kind would be wrong? 
Maybe it’s what George Bernard Shaw said: 
A repeat mistake is “wrong” because it means you haven’t learned from your experiences. I make this kind of mistake, too, and this is the kind I regret. I guess some lessons are just harder than others. You have to work on some things over and over again to get them right. I am definitely still learning. Which is why my absolute favorite quote about mistakes is still Anne of Green Gables

No mistakes yet! What do you think? Do you find that some of your mistakes are “right” and some are “wrong”?