The Life of the Party

The Nurturer

Everyone would agree, the party doesn’t start until you arrive. The Life of the Party is the fun one, the entertainer who makes sure everyone else is having a good time. You’re the one hosting the virtual happy hour these days, and you’re always reaching out to others with words (and texts) of encouragement, because giving others a lift makes you feel better, too.

You’ll be tempted to spoil others with gifts and treats instead of pampering yourself, too. But don’t forget, those texting fingers have been doing an awful lot of washing (in between just-checking-in messages) and could use a hand, themselves. An at-home manicure, followed by some deep moisturizing, is just what you need so you can get back to messaging. Oh, and maybe a few cocktails (or cocktail lip balms) to keep the smile in tip-top shape. You’ll be back to hugs and kisses in no time!

Our Surprise Box is full of gifts with you in mind…

  • silky smooth lotions in fun scents
  • mineral salts for rejuvenating manicures
  • delicious balms in your favorite cocktail flavors
  • exclusive goodies to spoil and pamper you

Let us choose something that will bring the party to you for a change. You deserve it!

Not sure you’re The Life of the Party? You can take the quiz again—or let us know more about you! We want this surprise to bring joy and cheer to you—just like you do to others! So make sure to add details about yourself in the notes area when checking out.

More to Pamper The Life of the Party

All-Hands Gift Set

Put your hands together for this answer to dry, rough skin. We know you’ve been washing (and texting) and washing so much these days, your fingers (and wrists and cuticles and knuckles) could use a hand.

The All-Hands gift set comes with three products that are all for your hands. Apply to smooth and moisturize, then slip on cotton gloves for extra pampering. Aahhh.

all hands gift set

Girls Night Lip Balm

Pocket cocktails that can go anywhere with you even though “anywhere” now means “grocery store once a week”? Yes, please.

Indulge in cocktails without day drinking: Girls Night Lip Balms come in all of your favorite flavors (Margarita, Mimosa, Strawberry Daiquiri, Champagne…) and will keep your smooch smiling until you can kiss everyone hello again.

girls night lip balms

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