Today I made my 20th Kiva loan. This loan was to Maria Juana Canas Saquil De Morales, a Guatamalan mother of one who sells natural medicines and raises animals. Kiva shares that Maria “…is applying for this loan to purchase natural medicine products, because she needs more capital to work efficiently. During her free moments, Maria works taking care of her animals — she has chickens and turkeys, which she buys as hatchlings and sells when they are grown. Little by little, she is able to get out ahead.”

Some of my first loans have been repaid, so I have these funds back in my account to re-loan to other women entrepreneurs all over the world. The same money gets loaned over and over again–isn’t that cool? (Of course I’m also adding more to my account every so often, too, so I can make more loans!)

You can learn more about Kiva here. I’ve also blogged about Kiva a couple of times. Oh, and here’s another. I’m averaging about one loan every six weeks or so. Are you still interested in reading about them? Let me know what you think!