A couple of months ago, we took the plunge and got rid of cable. Our kids were watching too much TV (so was I) and we wanted them to do other things with their time, like read books (which I should also be doing). The other motivation was, of course, the cost: a savings of over $50 a month. Which I promptly began spending on DVDs. Of TV shows. (Oops.)

But all of that is over now. I just came across this awesome web site where you post the DVDs you’re willing to part with and earn credits that you can spend toward new DVDs. The only thing you pay for, at this point, is the shipping when you send off your own DVDs. That’s it.

Not as TV obsessed as I am? (Read: better about reading than I am?) How about swapping paperbacks? Or maybe even trading CDs? I’m sure I have bags full of both that I can “trade” for new-to-me stuff.

I’ve been using the local library a lot for videos as well as books this summer, but will supplement their choices with these new options. The selection on these sites is pretty amazing. I found several books I’d been looking for, and if they aren’t something I want to keep forever, I can post them again when I’m done with them. Saves money, space in my house…what’s not to like about this “green” idea?

I’m already registered and looking forward to swapping some old for some new. Anyone else ever used these services before? Let me know what you think of them!