I participated in a survey today. I know, who has time for that? I was mostly curious (and also had no idea that it was going to take more than an hour of my time).

I had to watch a DVD, then they called and asked me a bajillion questions about what I watched. What was most interesting was that they asked about the ads and I couldn’t remember what they were for. When they described what happened in the commercials, I remembered seeing them, but I didn’t remember what products the ads were trying to sell.

I have a business selling products. If I spent millions on an ad campaign and no one remembered what my product was, I would consider that ad a failure! I found it stunning that they continued asking me the nitty-gritty about the ads when I couldn’t even remember the product. Who cares if I felt happy, inspired, or indifferent? I don’t even know what you’re selling!!

This is not the first time I’ve noticed this. I may be really entertained by a commercial, but truly, it escapes me how these little dramas are selling products when I can’t recall what the product is. Am I alone in this? Do ad agencies have delusions of grandeur producing their mini movies, or do I have ADD?! Weigh in, folks!