If you’re a friend on Facebook, you already know about our new layered balms! (And if you’re not a friend on Facebook…what’s up with that? You’re missing all the fun!)

Back in January we created a layered balm with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors all in one tube. And of course, we called that the Neapolitan balm. Several people suggested great ideas for other layered balms, so I knew that eventually we’d add more. Well, “eventually” is now!

Our first-ever layered balm was called Balm on the Fourth of July, and was in a clear jar. Every June we bring it back for a limited run, and this year it’s in a tube! With layers of cherry, lemon ice, and blueberry, the stars and stripes never tasted so yummy! Topped with an assortment of caps in (what else) red, white, and blue.

Another summer favorite is Rainbow Sherbet. Orange, lime, and raspberry sherbet flavors are layered in this sweet treat. If you have a hard time choosing just one flavor, this balm is for you! Assorted caps of magenta, green, and orange top these colorful moisturizers.

I’m so excited about these new flavors that I’d love to give some away! For a chance to win one of each of these balms (three balms, and a total of nine different flavors!), leave your comment below sharing some of your favorite summertime flavors. Are you a fan of watermelon? Or strawberry shortcake on the Fourth of July? Maybe a fruity daiquiri is your favorite taste treat in the summer. Let us know about it! A winner will be chosen at random on June 24th at noon EST (U.S. residents 18 and older, please).

So what’s YOUR favorite Summertime flavor?