Nana with my mom in the ’40s

When I remember past holidays, I think of the warmth and sweetness of my grandmother’s kitchen. Nana always made the best cookies, and as a kid I was especially fond of her ginger snaps. That cinnamon-sugar aroma of spiced cookies as they bake has always made me feel content and happy. These are still my holiday favorites because they’re what every celebration should be: warm and sweet!

This month’s flavor is Sugar and Spice, and I have some sweet, warm treats to share with you. From seasonal gifts and treats to decoration inspiration, I hope today’s post will make you nostalgic for simple childhood joys: close family, old friends, and cookies right out of the oven.


sugar spice gifts treats

Gingerbread Martini – | Gingerbread Cookies Candle – Castle View Candles
Chai Latte Lip Balm – The Favor Stylist | Gingerbread Man Ornaments – DecorCharm

Sugar and Spice and all things nice—that’s what the holidays are made of! Celebrate with this adults-only spicy cocktail. Surround yourself with the delectable fragrance of Gingerbread cookies—with zero calories! Spicy Chai Latte lip balm blends sweet tea with cinnamon, cardamom, and anise. Learn how to make your own Gingerbread Man ornaments from actual cookies!

sugar spice decor gifts treats

Gingerbread Cupcakes – Celebrate Creativity | Gingerbread Coffee – Kristine’s Kitchen
Gingerbread Moisturizers – The Favor Stylist | Gingerbread Tree – Homedit

Buttercream-topped treats with friendly cookie faces will delight kids of all ages. Kick things up a notch on a winter morning with a scrumptious mug of sugar and spice-brewed coffee. Share a gift of Gingerbread Moisturizers that smell like fresh-baked cookies! Decorate the tree with a village of gingerbread houses and people.

There’s so much more Sugar and Spice inspiration on Pinterest. I wanted to share the cookies you can order (in case you’re not really into baking your own), the gingerbread fudge, and too many other treats and crafts to mention here, so please make sure to visit Pinterest!

chai latte lip balm

I’ll bet you thought it was Gingerbread, didn’t you? (Don’t worry, Gingerbread is also available through the end of the year!)

Chai Latte lip balm is the Flavor of the Month for November. Snuggle in with a cozy mug of tea brewed with cinnamon, cardamom, and anise, sweetened and blended with warm milk. Bonus: this is one chai you can put in your pocket and enjoy all day.

Chai Latte is available all month at 15% off. Are you a newsletter subscriber? Make sure you remember to request your free Flavor of the Month balm when you place your order. Just check off that box at checkout and we’ll add a balm when we pack your order.

So did we succeed in helping you reminisce about holidays past? What are your favorite sugar and spice treats and gifts to share? (I love those little cookie-topped cupcakes!)