Last summer my daughter Bronwyn celebrated her ninth birthday with a few close friends and their favorite dolls! We had a tea party for everyone with a special table set for the dolls, complete with doll-sized snacks and cupcakes. While my daughter’s birthday is in July, I think some of these ideas are perfect for spring birthdays, too.

Of course we started by sending out tea party theme invitations to the girls, and doll-sized ones for each doll. Our menu included tiny tea sandwiches, small pretzels, and other finger foods, but the most fun part was the butterflies. We used these fun mini butterfly cookie cutters to make candy decorations for the cupcakes, and also made tiny sugar cookies that we wrapped up as party favors for the girls.

To make candy butterflies (or other shapes) to perch atop your cupcakes, roll a fruit chew candy into a thin sheet on wax paper and cut out with the cutters. (These candies may seem hard at first but will soften in your fingers and can then be rolled easily.) Mix multiple flavors and colors of candy for a rainbow effect. Decorate cupcakes with frosting flowers or berries and arrange butterflies among the foliage!

Along with the packages of sugar cookies, we also made up favors with special tags that matched the theme. If you’re planning a child’s party this spring, we have butterfly theme favors and lots more! We’d love to help you make your party as special as Bronwyn’s!