spring flower cupcakesOn Sunday I posted about making a bouquet of tissue paper Spring Flowers, a fun project for kids and cute addition to a spring party. Today I’m focusing on spring flower cupcakes.

I can’t even think about having a party without cupcakes. It’s just not possible! To continue my Spring Flower Theme, I made some candy flowers and decorated my cupcakes with mini bouquets. Here’s what you’ll need to make these Spring Flower cupcakes:


Bake your favorites! This is one of our favorite recipes. Let them cool, then frost as you like…we used lemon frosting with a touch of green and yellow color.

Colorful candies

You’ll want some fruit chews, like taffy or Starburst in various colors. I also used Skittles.

Tiny cookie cutters

You can cut the candy shapes with a knife, but it’s much easier with cutters.

More tools

Rolling pin, knife, wax paper, and toothpicks to shape and embellish your petals and leaves.

Petal pushing

Start by taking a taffy candy (step 1 above) and rolling it flat on wax paper with the rolling pin. (You will really have to lean into it, so make a little dent in the center of the candy first, and then rotate the pin from there—it will stay on the candy more easily.) Roll it until it is about 1/8″ thick (step 2). Use one of your cutters for the petals of the flower, and use your knife to cut off small pieces of candy to use for embellishments (step 3). For a daffodil, for example, cut a small strip and pinch the edges together to create the cup of the flower (step 4). Put the pieces of your flower together and use a toothpick to add details to the flower (step 5).

Use these steps to create flowers in different shapes and colors, as shown above. To make tulips or rosebuds (see pink flower at the top of the photo), cut a long, thin strip of candy and roll it up like a jellyroll. Cut green Skittles in half to create leaves.

In bloom

Finally, arrange your blossoms and leaves on the cupcakes. Make bouquets of one type of flower, or choose an assortment of colors.

Kids love to help with this project, too. They may need some help with rolling out the candies, but cutting the shapes, rolling petals in their fingers to make roses, and of course frosting and arranging decorations are all fun ways to prepare for a party! (See another post about spring parties that uses butterflies for the cupcakes…this would go well with the flowers, too!)

Please let me know if you liked these cupcake ideas! Did you make other kinds of flowers? Are there other candies you like to use to decorate? Please share your comments below!

Make these candy flowers to decorate spring cupcakes with mini bouquets.