tissue paper flower tutorial

Here in Maine I’m still waiting for my tulips and daffodils to blossom…just a lot of leaves and stems right now, but I’m so ready that I decided to have a Spring Theme Party! So for the next few days I will have some ideas for Spring Party decor, favors, and of course, TREATS!

Today I’m putting together a fun drinking straw bouquet of spring flowers. You can buy drinking straws with flowers on them, but it’s much more fun (and less expensive) to make them! These tissue paper flowers are a cute addition to a spring party table, and it’s a pretty simple project for kids, too. To help keep kids’ interest during the project, you can cut out some of the petals ahead of time (you can cut several layers of tissue paper at once).
tools for tissue paper flowers

Here’s what you’ll need:
1. Tissue paper in spring colors
2. Drinking straws
3. Scissors (regular ones work fine, decorative scissors are great, too)
4. Hole punch
5. Double sided tape
6. Blossom Template
Download our blossoms template and print the PDF file onto cardstock. Then cut out the blossoms and trace around them onto tissue paper.

tissue paper daffodils

To make a daffodil:

Step 1: Trace two of the pointed three-petaled flowers and one of the circles from the template onto your choice of tissue colors (see step 1 above). Try a contrasting color for the circle (which will make the “cup” in the center of the flower). Use decorative scissors to “ruffle” the edges of some of the petals and the flower’s cup. Punch holes in the center of each piece.

Step 2: Slide the two flowers onto the top of the straw, rotating the top layer so the petals alternate with the bottom petals (see step 2 above). Use a small piece of tape to secure the layers to each other and to the straw.

Step 3: Create a cup shape with the circle piece by trimming along the cut line and then overlapping one side over the other, securing with a small piece of tape. Slide onto the straw over the petals and attach with tape (see step 3 above for finished flower).

The five-petaled flowers on the template make a pretty gerber daisy. Cut three or four in your favorite color or colors, punch holes in the center, slide them onto the straw as you did for step 2 for the daffodils, arrange them as you like and tape them together and to the straw. Fold petals down the center to resemble a flower. (See at the top of the photo below).

paper flower straws

The rounded three-petaled flowers will make tulips. Cut two or three in your colors and follow the directions as above. (See in photo above, bottom, in two shades of pink.)

Add leaves to the underside of each of the flowers, if you want, by cutting out some of the five-petaled flowers in green tissue, punching holes in the centers, and sliding them up from the bottom of each straw. Attach to the underside of each blossom with tape, then fold along the center of each leaf.

We’ll be making some Spring Flower treats next. Please let us know what you think of these flowers! Did you find ways to make different kinds of flowers from our template? Share your comments below!

Want to download a printable copy of this tutorial to save for later? Click below: