If you need a “fangtastic” drink for Halloween, I think Spooky Juice is a great choice! You’ll need:
1 oz vodka
2 dashes blue curacao liqueur
1 dash grenadine
orange juice

Fill a highball glass with ice. Pour in vodka, curacao, and grenadine, then fill remainder of glass with orange juice. Stir for a ghastly green drink!

You can easily make a version of this drink that’s appropriate for kids. Use blue Gatorade in the bottom and top off with orange juice if you want a greenish color. You can also start with a dark purple juice like grape and top with OJ for a brownish, murky brew. Serve with decorated straws for spooky sipping.

What are you serving on Halloween? Bloody Mary? Dracula’s Kiss? Trick or Treatini? Do tell!