We’re all familiar with the saying, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” but with the new popularity of environmentally conscious weddings, I think this hue might need an adjustment! Adding “Something Green” to your wedding to reduce its carbon footprint can be as simple as focusing on the other things…the old, new, and borrowed!

Something Old
When putting together your wedding wardrobe, consider vintage or thrift clothing. Many old styles can be new again with minor alterations, saving cost as well as resources.

Wedding jewelry is another way to incorporate something old into your plan. Many families have heirloom pieces that are passed from generation to generation; talk with parents or grandparents about your interest in continuing this tradition.

Something New
What’s new for a lot of wedding couples is rethinking some traditional wedding choices. For example, the trend is toward bigger, more elaborate weddings, but choosing a smaller, more intimate wedding reduces the carbon footprint all the way around, from the invitations to the transportation, food to flowers. Choosing recycled or even tree-free invites, and selecting local sources for the venue and flowers can help keep the day Green.

For the food, choose local, seasonal, and organic when possible, and if you really want to do something new to your Green menu, eliminate the meat! There are lots of new ways to go Green with your event; check out Green Elegance Weddings for lots of other ideas for planning your day.

Something Borrowed
When you’re thinking of what you could possibly borrow to make your wedding day green, be creative! Most people think of borrowing things–Aunt Dora’s wedding veil, for example–but why not consider borrowing your cousin’s apple orchard for your venue, your best friend’s sewing skills for the bridesmaid’s dresses, or your sister’s sugar cookie recipe? Family and friends are often eager to help, so think of ways to borrow their knowledge and skills. Even more green: request to “borrow” these as your wedding gift!

Something Green
To help come up with new ideas to go Green, check out the following resources:
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