Those of us with “furry family members” know that they enjoy the holiday season almost as much as their taller, balder siblings. Our cat loves the Christmas tree, the extra visits from family and (furry) friends, and the special treats he can sneak when people aren’t looking. But his most favorite part of the holiday seems to be his stocking. He understands that those goodies in the crinkly paper are his, and he helps my kids to open them on Christmas morning. This year he’ll have an extra special surprise because I discovered Wags and Wiggles.

The catnip eggplant was the first cat toy that caught my eye, but designer Shawna Ziemer of Sebastopol, California makes so many other fun pet toys that it was difficult to choose. Shawna is the mom of four kids and three dog-kids who has combined her love of fabric and design to create delightful and sturdy chew-and-throw-and-carry-and-play things for cats and dogs. From mushrooms to stockings and birds of many kinds to my favorite colorful veggie toys, Wags and Wiggles offers many styles of pet toys made of high quality decorator fabrics. Cat toys contain organic catnip, while dog toys are triple stitched for durability (squeaker optional). Shawna also offers a selection of felt leash bags and totes in several sizes and a variety of pet motifs.

I’m so glad that Shawna is joining us today for our last small business feature, and I hope you enjoy learning more about Wags and Wiggles and Shawna’s creative pet toys and accessories!

1. Santa (or Martha Stewart, if you prefer!) is looking for unique gifts to share with the special pups on his (her) list. Which Wags and Wiggles product would you recommend?
I think Knotty Santa would be a great addition to Santa’s pet gift giving list. Probably would have to say the Lobster for Martha. 🙂

2. Puppy kisses or kitten snuggles?
Puppy Kisses!

3. To get in the holiday spirit, I like to…
Watch Christmas movies with my kids.

4. My favorite (new, most popular) gift idea at Wags and Wiggles this season is:
My most popular gift idea by far has been my Catnip Stockings, I have had to replenish my stock 3 times already.

5. And most importantly: Naughty or nice?
Is there a nice naughty option?

To see Shawna’s work, make sure to visit her Etsy shop. Check out her Facebook page so you can keep up with any new designs. You can also follow Shawna on Twitter and the Wags and Wiggles blog.

As I mentioned, I really loved this catnip eggplant, so I got one for Nardo. I had to hide it, though, because the catnip was so fragrant I knew he’d unwrap it early. “Good luck holding off on the catnip toy until Christmas,” Shawna told me. “I can tell you how many times my packages have been hijacked by cats as soon as the mail is delivered. :0)” I know Nardo will just love it.

Which Wags and Wiggles toy is your favorite?