Came across this article last week that sings the praises of small weddings. When it comes to the size of your wedding, this article says less is more: more fun, more relaxing, more intimate, more of your dreams-come-true. And the best thing: more attention on you. Which is what every bride really wants, right?

I think this is all positive spin on the REAL reason more couples are planning smaller weddings: they are much less expensive. It’s pretty simple math, since the reception can end up being half of the total cost of a wedding. The food, drinks, wedding cake, and entertainment for a smaller group of people almost always have a more modest price tag.

Smaller weddings can also be “greener;” Consider fewer invitations, less fuel for transportation, not as many flowers. The carbon footprint of these smaller events is…well, smaller. Just another of the many good reasons to have a small wedding.

How about you? Are you planning a small wedding? What do you see as the benefits of planning a smaller event? Please share your comments below!