This article is pretty scary! Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Lori Neighbors) and Cornell (Jeffrey Sobal) followed 272 engaged women in the six months before their weddings. Seventy percent of the brides-to-be were trying to lose more than 20 pounds. Most did this in a healthy way, but “…researchers were distressed that more than 20 percent of the women they studied used methods they characterized as ‘extreme,’ including skipping meals, going on liquid diets, fasting, or taking laxatives or unprescribed diet pills and supplements. A small percentage even started smoking as a weight-loss strategy, while others began vomiting after meals. ‘With the current high prevalence of anorexia nervosa and bulimia, the pressure of a wedding is one thing that may trigger this kind of unhealthy behavior,’ says Sobal.”

The article talks about some of the other things brides are doing to prepare for their wedding days, including tanning and Botox treatments. A wedding day, as special and important as it is, is one day. Is it worth destroying your health to look a certain way on ONE DAY? I know a lot of people would say yes, but I say: be careful! Please! If you’re marrying the right person, they are happy with you just the way you are and it won’t matter if you’re thinner or browner or less blemished. Honest!

What do you think? Does anyone have an opinion about this?