So again, late with the Flavor of the month. These shipped out earlier this week, but it’s taken me this long to post the photo. Always takes a while to take the picture!

September Morn is a rum cocktail with the flavors of grenadine and lime. And of course, our version is non-alcoholic!

Not sure I’ve mentioned this before now, but we’ll be discontinuing our Flavor of the Month Club at the end of this year. I’m kind of sad about it…it was fun to come up with new flavors that went with the season. I think probably the increase in shipping costs for mailing each balm (shipping price doubled last year) has made this a less appealing idea to people. It’s just not something we can continue with the lack of interest. We’ll keep adding new flavors all the time, though, so please don’t be too disappointed! And a lot of our flavors of the month will be added to our permanent flavor listing…the watermelon daiquiri, for example, has become a new favorite!

Those few of you who are in the Club…let me know what you think of this flavor! What’s been your favorite so far this year?