I was just reading this article, which I find interesting as both an obsessive online shopper and a retailer. I was really surprised to read #9, Loyalty will get you nowhere: “…less than 15% of online retailers offer exclusive deals through their e-mail lists, according to the Email Experience Council, an e-mail marketing company.” Wow!

When I am a repeat customer of someone’s company, I admit, I kind of expect special treatment. That’s nice to lure me in with a special deal or coupon, but if those things don’t continue, I’d be wondering if they still wanted my business. E-mail lists are the perfect place to offer those deals, as far as I’m concerned. I’m delighted to be in the minority of 15% of retailers who offer exclusive deals to my own mailing list customers. If you want to get the special treatment, join our list!

What do you think? Should companies reward repeat customers more than new customers? What motivates you to go back to a retailer? Share your comments below!