secret menu tulleAre you one of those people who likes to order from the Secret Menu? Like the Dragon Drink at Starbucks or the chicken parm at Subway, sometimes what you really want is not on the menu. But sometimes you can order it anyway.

Did you know that we have a Secret Menu here at The Favor Stylist? While we offer dozens of color options for things like tulle bows and lip balm caps, the colors displayed on our site are only some of the colors we have available. These extra colors have been here behind the scenes for custom jobs and special requests. And now you can find them on our (soon to be not so) Secret Menu.

Today we’re sharing the first of a series of posts about these extras and how to order them. Let’s talk tulle!

Secret Menu Tulle

tulle colors

When you order our lotion favors or wrapped lip balm favors, you will have your choice from 33 different tulle bow colors. When we selected this palette, we chose all of the most popular colors, and included shades and tints to provide as many matches as possible. Our goal was to offer what you need without being overwhelming. Most of the time, this palette works well.

But sometimes we’re trying to do a more exact color match for your event. Sometimes we’re trying to match a Pantone color of the year. And sometimes, I just can’t help myself and want to order all. of. the. colors. So we have more than the 33 listed in the shopping cart. In fact, we have ten more colors of Secret Menu Tulle. Colors like…

Dusty Rose tulle was shared in our Pantone 2016 post. It matches one of the 2016 colors of the year, Rose Quartz. Pink Shimmer combines the color of Pink tulle with the bling of Silver Shimmer. It’s just the right amount of sparkle for princess parties everywhere.

secret menu tulle dusty rose and pink shimmer

Butter tulle is a paler, more subtle yellow tint that adds a soft glow to your tiny gifts. Sand is a beautiful neutral beige for beach party favors.

secret menu tulle butter and sand
Olive Green is a perfect match for camo or a tone to approximate leaves. It’s a bit lighter than David’s Bridal’s olive shade. Neon Green is an intense, electric color that is not for the faint of heart! A bold choice for eye-catching gifts.

secret menu tulle olive green and neon green

Amethyst tulle is often our choice for wrapping up lavender gifts, as it’s a super match to the shade of dried lavender buds. Wisteria is the lightest tint of purple, a very pale iris that’s perfect for bridal shower or lingerie party favors.

amethyst and wisteria tulle

Williamsburg Blue is our tulle of choice for Peter Rabbit favors, a beautiful blue-green-slate color. And finally, Cornflower was originally the other 2016 color of the year, Serenity. It looks like the periwinkle hue of my favorite bachelor’s button blooms.

williamsburg blue and cornflower tulle

Once you’ve found a color you just can’t live without, how do you order it? After you’ve made your design and flavor/fragrance choices for your selected favors, you’ll see a Personalized Text field. This is the space you use to add the names, dates, or other wording you’d like to see on your labels and tags. It’s also the place to make any special requests to fonts, design colors, AND tulle options. So you can find your favorite color here and share it in the text field there.

We always provide an emailed proof so you can approve of your design and colors before we put together your favors. Any questions about ordering from our Secret Menu? We love to hear about your celebrations, so contact us anytime! And check back for future posts about our other Secret Menu items!