I was so excited to see this review at Maine Days Designs blog yesterday! Kate creates those cool map pendants I talked about last fall, and she has some nice things to say about our Candy Cane pedicure (including the pumice stone, which replaced the one her dog seemed to enjoy) and Cupcake hand cream.

She also points out how much more economical at-home pedicures can be. I’ll be hosting a pedicure party tonight for some friends, so I definitely agree! (And since you technically can wear your pjs, it can be much more fun.)

Thank you, Kate, for the great review! I appreciate it!

You can see Kate’s pendants and other pieces at her Etsy shop. And read more about how to enjoy an at-home pedicure.

And you? Do you enjoy doing pedicures at home? Have you tried a Candy Cane pedicure?