For two years my daughter has been growing her hair so she could have it cut to donate, and yesterday was the big day! We visited Diana at Beau Bella, who cut ponytails more than 12 inches long (!!!), then gave Bronwyn a super new short ‘do!

We chose to send her ponytails to Pantene Beautiful Lengths because the resulting wigs are donated to cancer patients. Distributed through the American Cancer Society wig banks, these wigs cost nothing to the recipients. (Did you know that some of the organizations that accept donations of hair sometimes charge for the wigs? That was news to me—make sure to do your research before you donate.)

We celebrated Bronwyn’s generous gift by having a “girls’ afternoon.” The high point: some major shoe shopping. All I can say is, like mother, like daughter! When we came up for air, we each had new sandals, and Bronwyn had some fun new summer clothes. It was a great way to start off her vacation!

If you are interested in donating your hair to a great cause, check out the following links. Each organization has different requirements for the length of the hair and may also have different recipients (some are children, some cancer patients, some with alopecia, etc.).

Pantene Beautiful Lengths
Locks of Love
Wigs for Kids