call meI love chatting with customers about party favor details. I love it so much that I put my phone number on every page of my website! I’m serious when I say: call me!

Last week I realized that I missed a few calls, so I wanted to share with you what might prevent me from answering—and why it’s so important for you to leave a message.

1. I’m in the lab.
Most of the time when I’m making lip balm or lotion favors, I can pause to answer questions. For some manufacturing, though, I have to complete all of the steps first. I always return calls as soon as I’m able to get back to my studio.

2. I’m on the road.
Once your order is made and packed, I drop it off at the post office. This usually happens late in the afternoon, but sometimes I go earlier for shipping materials or to pick up other supplies. As soon as I get back, I return all calls.

3. I didn’t hear the phone.
This sounds like a crazy (and maybe lazy) excuse, but early in January I experienced a sudden hearing loss. Though I’ve recovered some of my hearing, my left ear is still quite deaf. Add even the slightest background noise (some of my lab equipment, for example) and I’m likely to miss the ringing entirely. I have hope that my hearing will continue to improve, but in the meantime please know that I’m not ignoring your call!

If you’ve called recently and your call hasn’t been answered, I apologize. I know I sound just like those hold messages when I say that your call is important to us, but I really mean it. Our phone number and hours can be found on our contact page. If I don’t answer right away, please make sure to leave a message with your phone number or numbers and the best time to reach you. I always, always return calls, but I can only do that if you leave me a message! You can also email me anytime day or night and I’ll return your message as soon as possible.

When you have questions, do you prefer talking on the phone? Or are you more likely to send an email? I’d love to know your favorite way to get answers.