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Spa Mama

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Pampering for the Mother-to-Be

You want the new mom-to-be in your life to enjoy the most relaxing, happy pregnancy possible. With advice for gentle movement, nutritional tips, and lots of recipes for soothing spa treatments, Spa Mama offers the perfect how-to for pampering yourself during pregnancy.

Written by spa owner Stacy Denney with a foreword by Susan Lawler, R.N., this little volume takes you through the unique challenges of each trimester, with delightful illustrations by Kerrie Hess. Tuck this book in with a baby shower gift—or let us help create a special pampering gift for you to share!

  • Hardcover book
  • 119 pages
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First trimester nausea and exhaustion. Then second trimester cravings and energy. And finally, third trimester nesting and sleeplessness. Spa Mama takes you through all the ups and downs of these challenges of each stage of your pregnancy, with tips for moving, eating, and pampering your way to the happiest, healthiest you. So that makes Spa Mama a perfect addition to any baby shower gift, and we’d love to help you create a custom set! Talk with us about adding moisturizers to soothe those swollen feet, lip balm to prep for baby kisses, or lavender for relaxation.

Front flap summary from dust jacket of Spa Mama:

“Glowing, radiant skin. Thick, shiny hair. A newly ample bosom. And complete serenity.

“Or so they say. For those other days, Spa Mama is here to help. From facials and massages to yoga and delicious snacks, here is your trusted guide to natural beauty and complete relaxation.

“Spa owner and new mom Stacy Denney has created deliciously decadent beauty treatments for every stage of your pregnancy. In your first trimester, try the Scrub-A-Dub-Dub invigorating sugar scrub that softens your skin while it improves your circulation. As you approach the big day, apply the Buddha Belly Bask, an aromatic treat that moisturizes stretch mark-prone areas. Or just relax with a vitamin-packed Iced Berry Lemonade.

“Whatever luxuries you choose, you’ll know that they’re good for you and good for your baby—and that’s truly beautiful.”


Stacy Denney, author of Spa Mama, is a mom and the owner of Barefoot & Pregnant, a day spa in Marin County, California.

Susan Lawler, R.N., author of the foreword of Spa Mama, is a labor and delivery nurse and childbirth educator who lives in Northern California.

Illustrated by Kerrie Hess, whose clients include Vogue Australia and British Glamour. She lives in Melbourne, Australia.

119 pages, hardcover, published in 2005.



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