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Mask + Lip Balm Set

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Keep Calm and Carry On. Or maybe…

We’ve included a mask in this cute set for obvious reasons, but why the lip balm? Well, the six foot rule for social distancing isn’t going to be here forever, so we’ll all be hugging AND kissing again before you know it. Why not keep your lips in tip-top shape while we’re (patiently?) waiting to be together again?

Also, as much as we all enjoy rebreathing our own coffee breath all day long (said no one ever), the delightful scent and flavor of our lip balms is a refreshing change. What lip balm flavor would you rather be tasting and smelling under YOUR mask? I’m thinking Candy Cane. (Sugar Cookie is yummy, too.) (So is Pomegranate.)

Please browse our options and select your mask pattern and lip balm flavor below. You can also choose your tag design if you’d prefer a holiday tag. Note that these are adult-sized masks. If you’d like them in kid sizes, just make a note at checkout or email to let us know and we’ll make that adjustment.

  • Masks are 100% cotton fabric, pleated for a better fit
  • Approximately 8.5″ wide, expanding to 5.5″ from nose to chin
  • Lip balm is .15 ounce stick with colorful cap
  • Natural, moisturizing ingredients like avocado oil and shea butter (see full ingredients list below)
  • Set is wrapped in organza bag with gift tag

Lip Balm Flavor

Tag Design


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To help make this mask-wearing time even more comfortable, we’ve created these Holiday Mask Sets: washable, soft mask in festive holiday patterns AND a lip balm. The mask makes sense, but why did we include a balm?

“Keep Calm and Carry On” was originally a motivational poster created in Britain during WWII. As Wikipedia notes, “The poster has become an evocation of British stoicism: the “stiff upper lip”, self-discipline, fortitude and remaining calm in adversity.” We believe that all stiff upper lips should be properly moisturized, especially during times of adversity, and I think our current situation qualifies.

I’ve also found that as much as I enjoy rebreathing my own stale breath under a mask, the flavor and scent of lip balm can be a refreshing option. Imagine it: you could be smelling minty Candy Cane AND enjoying moisturized lips. It’s enough to make you smile under that mask (even if no one will see it).

Here’s what I think: if we have to wear masks, shouldn’t they be colorful and fun? OK, we all know masks aren’t fun to wear, but after making hundreds of them I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes them comfortable. I make masks with:

  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Flannel-backed for softness
  • Pleats for better fit over your nose
  • Flat elastic that doesn’t dig into your ears

I also make them with colorful, festive designs because I like the idea of decorating the tree AND my face. If they make other people smile, that’s a gift perfect for the season! Is there a pattern that would make YOU smile? Let me know! I may be able to make a custom mask for you.

Lip Balm ingredients:

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond Oil, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Beeswax, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Fruit, Vitamin E; also contains flavorings and/or essential oils. Some also contain mica and other cosmetic grade colorings, which won’t leave color on the lips.

Washing your holiday face masks

Our holiday face masks are 100% cotton and have been pre-washed. After each use they can be popped into the wash along with your other laundry, then either air or machine dried. You can also wash by hand to make them last longer. Allow your mask to dry before use. If you iron the pleats of the mask, please be careful not to iron the elastic loops; heat can degrade them or even scorch or burn them!

Did you know?

For every mask sold, we donate at least one more. We’ve donated hundreds of masks to nursing homes, soup kitchens, and more! And we add a free mask to every order (it will match our Flavor of the Month).


Of course, we are not claiming that our masks can prevent COVID-19. We are simply following the CDC’s guidelines for wearing cloth face coverings to slow the transmission of coronavirus by asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic individuals. Masks should not take the place of social distancing; please follow your community guidelines to protect yourself and others.

Additional information

Weight .024 kg
Mask Pattern

Peppermint Candy, Red Berries, Holiday Dots, Green Holly, Gingerbread


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