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Fabric Face Masks

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Flannel-lined, 100% cotton

The CDC recommends that we use cloth coverings over our faces to slow the spread of COVID-19. You can probably make a face covering from materials you have right at home. Not very crafty? We’ve got you covered!

Please browse our designs below and select your quantities. Note that these are adult-sized masks. If you’d like them in kid sizes, just make a note at checkout or email to let us know and we’ll make that adjustment.

Also, let us know if you’ll be wearing them for longer stretches and we’ll swap out the flannel for a cooler lining!

  • 100% cotton fabric, pleated for a better fit
  • Approximately 8.5″ wide, expanding to 5.5″ from nose to chin
  • Flat elastic loops are about 6.5″ long and don’t dig in


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Are you looking for fabric face masks that are soft, comfortable, washable, and maybe (I know it’s a stretch) a little bit fun to wear?

You know I’m a fan of color, so when we started to wear masks locally, I made a few in bright patterns. Hey, if I have to wear them, shouldn’t they be colorful and fun? Well, maybe they aren’t really fun to wear, but at least they’re as comfortable as possible because I make them with:

  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Flannel-backed for softness (but can have thinner fabric if you prefer a cooler mask!)
  • Pleats for better fit over your nose
  • Flat elastic that doesn’t dig into your ears

I also make them with colorful designs (and dog patterns!) because they make me smile. If they make other people smile, that’s just a bonus! Is there a pattern that would make YOU smile? Let me know! I may be able to make a custom mask for you.

Did you know?

For every mask sold, we donate another. We’ve donated hundreds of masks to nursing homes, soup kitchens, and more!

We also add a free mask to every order. In February we will be including a Flavor of the Month lip balm (in Salted Caramel) and a Victorian feather patterned mask! Our last few months’ masks are now available here in limited quantities.

Washing your fabric face masks

Our fabric face masks are 100% cotton and have been pre-washed. After each use they can be washed by hand, or popped into the wash along with your other laundry, then either air or machine dried. Allow to dry completely before use. If you choose to iron the pleats of the mask, please take care not to iron the elastic loops; heat can degrade them or even scorch or burn them!


Of course, we are not claiming that our masks can prevent COVID-19. We are simply following the CDC’s guidelines for wearing cloth face coverings to slow the transmission of coronavirus by asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic individuals. Masks should not take the place of social distancing; please follow your community guidelines to protect yourself and others.

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1 review for Fabric Face Masks

  1. Diana Riordan

    These masks are so well made and soft on the face. The ear straps are comfortable and I can wear it for a longer period of time at my job as a hairstylist. I was surprised at the quality for the price!

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