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  • bridal tea favors lavender sachets

    Ooh la lavender bridal tea favors

    You've made the tiny sandwiches and the cookies, arranged the flowers, and prepped the linens. What memorable gifts can you send home with your guests? These sweet bridal tea favors share the soothing, relaxing properties of lavender. Each organza bag contains 1/4 ounce of English lavender buds, naturally fragrant with no extra scent added. Personalize your sachets with custom text and your choice of design and colors.
    • 3" x 4" bag with 1/4 ounce of lavender buds
    • English lavender grown in France
    • No additional fragrance added
    • Personalized tag is tied onto the matching ribbon closure
    • Minimum order of 10 sachets
  • "No one throws away these favors."

    You got the fun gold balloons and the mimosa bar ingredients and the only thing missing is the favors. But you want something different—and you want something that your guests won't just throw away. Pretty in Pink bridal shower favors are exactly the thing.  Their sweet messages keep you going through all that kissing single life goodbye. And like one of our customers said, "No one throws away these favors." Any requests? Add your details to the personalized text field below, or contact us to share. We love to hear all about your event. (What kind of mimosas are you serving?)
    • Glossy 1.5" square
    • Your choice of designs and personalized text
    • Emailed proof for each order
    • Minimum of 25 for personalization, please


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